Baby Naming: Laelle & Karys

Baby names. I LOVE talking about baby names. I truly get all fuzzy inside putting this name with that one and that one with this one. I’ve been known to stop and ask random people on the street their take on a particular name AND give my free advice to expectant mammas I see in the grocery store or T.J. Maxx.

When it was finally time to choose the perfect name I quickly realized when you are thinking “long term” it’s much harder than it seems.
Baby #1: Waddling around the house one day, I heard Oprah through the television say
“Lael? Is that how you say it? What a beautiful name!”
I quickly googled it to find that Lael is a Hebrew name meaning “Belonging to God” (swoon) perfect!  My hubby was pretty fond of the name “Elle” at the time and after MUCH deliberation, we combined it with our new found name to make “Laelle”.
Baby #2 was a little more difficult. The second time around you have to decide whether or not you’ll give all your babies a name with the same letter or give them their own letter.
Turns out the name we chose was in the running as a middle name for Laelle..
We chose To spell Karys’ name with a “y” because her aunt’s name is Karissa. Karys “with a y” seemed to set her apart just a bit more.
Gray was our middle name choice. I thought it had major cuteness factor!
Hubby approved this name because he is a huge buckeye fan and if you know anything about the buckeyes you know they are not shy about their team colors. As long as I’m not asked to name any future girls Scarlet, I think we will be fine.
I’d love to hear the names on your list! What are your all time favorite names for lil miss & mister?
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