Hospital Bag & Diaper Bag for Baby #3

Hospital bag

The days are quickly approaching and the hospital prep is underway! Packing for the delivery (and a BOY) this time around has been less overwhelming. Here’s why… the previous two babies I packed unnecessary things and I know now what to expect, well ALMOST. The boy thing is new to me. I constantly have to remind myself that every outfit does not need a matching bow or accessory…(sad face emoji) Boys are less maintenance and I’m okay with that!

This pregnancy I was able to connect with so many expectant mamas through the wonderful world of Instagram (you can follow me here ) It’s not hard for me to admit I don’t know everything there is to know about having babies, nursing babies,  or baby products. I welcome all the knowledge of someone who has researched a product, tried it out and given an honest review. I’ll be sharing a couple reviews of my own on this post and BEYOND!

ALERT: This post is going to have some “yuck” topics and so much of it is the opposite of glamorous… Be prepared… I will be talking about all kinds of body parts & nasty things that happen to those body parts… Check out now if you need to.

Let’s move onto what we are packing for the hospital… Hope this helps!



1.Delivery gown/robe
My growing belly
Some hospitals may or may not allow you to bring your own gown. During my 32 week overnight stay I checked with the nurses to see if I could bring my own on the BIG DAY! They assured me as long as there was access for IV and epidural I could bring my own fancy gown. (Internet high five)  This one was customizable so I added buttons down the back (for epidural) and front buttons for nursing. Stylish and functional! Win win!

2.  Going home outfit: loose = best.

You’ve been wearing sweats the whole pregnancy so why stop now? I found these sweats from Target that I LIVED in every evening after work. They were so amazing I bought two pair because I was afraid something might happen to them. They are the squishiest fabric, stretchy and not too tight around the waist. (they run big)

3. House slippers

4Compression tank (Mother Tucker nursing tank from Milk & Baby )

Let me tell you about a mistake I made with my 2nd delivery. I packed my belly bandit waist Cincher in the hospital bag thinking I’d immediately be able to start trimming my waistline & I was so disappointed when I couldn’t begin to fit in it. However, I wished I had some type of support/compression that would still allow me to move. I was unprepared at the hospital and only had loose tops to wear. Compressing the belly after labor is always a good thing to help things go back in the right place PLUS jump start the shapely waistline.

This tank is meant for nursing AND postpartum support. Use the Cincher once you are home from the hospital.

5My pillow
nothing says “comfort of home” like your own pillow

6. Snacks – daddy (watermelon sour patch)
* give the man sour patch kids, ESPN and he’s happy! I have to remember to try to make him comfortable too.

7. Guys boxer briefs in place of granny panties
*The reality is that any undergarments are going to get ruined while in the hospital from blood or afterbirth. Just be prepared! Do NOT bring pretty panties.  I prefer the gorgeous mesh underwear they give you in the hospital because they are just so stinkin comfortable & you don’t have to worry about messing them up. I only packed a pair of boxers for “going home.” The rest of the time you will prefer the mesh underwear bc they could stretch to fit a small automobile and you will need the room, considering….ONE, you are swollen. TWO, you will be using those glorious ice pack pads down there (also big enough to hold a small vehicle) not to mention, Tucks pads and other relief for issues like, ahem, hemorrhoids. No one ever said child birth would be pretty… The birth? Now that’s BEAUTIFUL! There’s nothing like it! But the recovery is the icky part.

(My hospital provided plenty of ice pack pads, mesh underwear, tucks pads & dermoplast so there was no need to bring my own )

8. Breast feeding pillow


* You will need a good nursing pillow for feedings. This one is so comfy because it’s covered in minky fabric. Perfect for baby! You can purchase this one or another color here.

9.  Good camera /charger

10. Legal documents – license , insurance cards

11. Travel size Toiletries /makeup bag (31 bag)

✔️face wash
✔️travel size loofa
✔️body wash
✔️makeup/makeup brushes
* I want to smell like “myself” and use my typical shampoo & body wash so baby recognizes me and my sent at first AND after we go home.

*You DEFINITELY want to pack some comfy socks.

13Nursing scarf
*When guests come to the hospital to visit I wanted to be able to be stylish & stay decent when it came feeding time. I don’t want to kick out visitors during that time so using a nursing scarf helps with that problem. You can stay covered and then go back to wearing a stylish scarf.

14. Flip flops for shower

*lets be honest, how many people have used those hospital showers? We are fully aware of the many “adjustments” our bodies are making after delivery from the inside out… So be kind to your feet and wear flip flops.

15. Soothe Shirt
My hospital is a big advocate of “kangaroo care” which is where they try to give mommies and babies a good amount of skin-to-skin time right after the birth. (Unless some major issues are occurring) They try not to start poking them with needles & want to give them a chance to bond with mommy. These soothe shirts work great for this because they have a kangaroo pouch that the baby fits snuggly in AND it’s a nursing bra all in one! You can wear this for Delivery & beyond!

16. Pineapple Juice

Helps with clogged ducts or breast infections, it’s a natural diuretic so you can shed water weight without decreasing milk supply.

17. Pretty Towel

You may want to bring your own towel or towel wrap for after your shower.

18. Nursing bras- to wear home.


DIAPER BAG  (Mud Pie) 

 Diaper bag essentials


1. Baby mittens

2. Pacis
3Swaddle blanket

4. Diaper clutch


5. Nasal Aspirator

6. Vaseline (put on baby butt for meconium diapers)

7. 4 outfits
1- @fawnandclover
8Ollie Swaddle
If you haven’t seen or read rave reviews on the Ollie swaddle you’ve got to check them out on Instagram. I hear babies get the most wonderful night sleep & are so content while snuggled inside. We will be trying out the Ollie for the first time in the hospital .

9. Going home outfit

10. Car seat

11Car seat cover /liner (gray Minky)

Use CODE “LAUREN” for $50 off the entire site!!

12black & white stripe car seat cover
@covered goods

Big Sister bags
We have two VERY excited girls at home who are SO ready to smother their new baby brother with kisses. Here’s a little treat for them!

Big sister bags




1. Big sister shirts
How amazing are these? Notice the little personalized stamped tags. Swoon!
2. Snacks
3. Busy bag-stickers, notebook
4. Sanitizer

* calligraphy on bags by my friend Alli Graham

After birth essentials:

After birth essentials

1. Waist Cincher– @bumpstylebox

After you are home, cinching in your tummy is going to help tremendously with back support.  When you are breastfeeding & cinching, you’ll see your waist get a little smaller every day!

2. Happy Baby Wrap @happybabywrap

I am SO excited to try “baby wearing” with this new wrap!

3. Undercover mama nursing under tank @undercovermama
This tank will cover your stomach if you are nursing.

4. washable nursing pads 


Pregnancy Update: I’m getting close to 35 weeks and have been on bed rest now for 3 weeks. It has been a blessing in disguise because I’ve been able to spend special one-on-one time with my girls (who just turned 3 & 6 this week) I’m reminded how quick the time is flying and how much I want to make this time count. There are days that I get so tired of being stuck in our tiny house with two VERY energetic girls making ALL kinds of noise & acting ALL kinds of crazy… Then it hits me that we will soon be moving into a new home where we will make new memories & I will actually miss the noise one day. For now… We are making the days count and trying to keep lil brother in the oven for at least another week or so!


*A great bed rest project was the nurse gifts pictured above. I found the free printable here.

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