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Raise your hand if you have always loved the look of lipstick but your husband & babies don’t like the kissy smudges so you settle for boring chapstick lips all the time! That was ME!! I felt like I could never have a completed makeup look until this MAGICAL lipstick came along!

What is LipSense?

LipSense is unlike ordinary lipstick! It is a long lasting lip color that is waterproof, kiss-proof, smear-proof and smudge-proof lasting up to 18 hours. It is not tested on animals, is vegan, GMO-free, wax-free, lead-free and gluten-free.

We have over 36 shades to choose from, I’m confident you’ll find a shade you love! You can even create your own custom color palettes when you layer different shades of LipSense.

One application can last anywhere from 4-18 hours. Additionally, one tube is approximately 4 sticks of lipstick and can last for 6 months! LipSense comes in all color families, natural nude tones, soft pinks, bold bright colors and everything in between.

How do I apply LipSense?

You’ve chosen your perfect shade of LipSense, now it’s time to apply!

Step 1: Begin with clean, dry lips, free of any other product.

Step 2: Give your LipSense tube a good shake!

Step 3: Remove wand from the tube and wipe off the excess product on the inside of the tube.

Step 4: Using very little product, swipe the wand in one direction.

Step 5: Allow LipSense to bond to your lips by waiting 5-10 seconds before applying coats 2-3.

Step 6: Apply coat 2 and 3 with drying time in between.

*Think about the way nail polish is applied. The thinner the coats and the more drying time you allow, the more beautiful and long lasting your manicure can be. Same with LipSense! That brings us to our Top Coat a.k.a Glossy Gloss!

Step 7: Glossy gloss will protect your color and keep your lips moisturized all day.

Step 8: You may press your lips together after the gloss has been applied to the last layer.

Step 9: If you make a mistake when applying your color, just use your Oops !

How much is LipSense?

LipSense is sold as a starter kit for $55 or you can join our team for the same price ($55) After you wear this, you WILL have friends and family asking you wear to buy it so why not wear it get a discount AND make money?

First time users should purchase LipSense in a starter collection, which includes 1 LipSense color, 1 gloss, and 1 remover. Starter collections are $55.
Additional colors are $25, glosses are $20, and the remover is $10.


How can I buy LipSense?

Click the SHOP tab on the home page

Click Shop Now

I will send you an invoice through Paypal.

Be sure to put collection in the notes if you are a first time user!