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This has been my life for the past 6 years. I’ve taught Kindergarten to 7th grade, lovingly coined as “The Pinterest Queen” or the “crafty/creative teacher”. I really enjoyed my job and felt great in the classroom but had been carrying a weight that was dragging our family down. My husband and I felt like we were constantly going two steps forward and three steps back financially. Our debt was piling up and my student loan freedom was no where in sight. One day I scraped up enough money to order a product from a friend to help support her marketing business. This was my honest-to-goodness first reaction…I don’t know why I felt the urge to film it, but I did..


I was hooked and knew I was on to something! A couple hundred extra dollars a month for bills seemed totally doable. So I signed up for $55 to own my own side gig.



GILMORE {gloss} GIRLS was born!!


My own little girls started helping me show off the magic of the product on my Facebook Live videos and soon I had message after message from girls not only wanting to try it for themselves but to SELL it. The messages went something like this…

“I know as soon as I share this lipstick with my friends,

they will want to know where to buy.

So why not make money while wearing it ?

How do I sign up??”

That’s exactly what happened. More and more girls felt this exact way and soon I had welcomed around 100+ girls to my team. I was a leader and they were looking to me for help, so I did the only thing I knew to do as a teacher, I taught. Most of the time my “teaching lessons” or “training” videos involved some kind of prop (just like in my classroom). I continued to sell and my team numbers continued to go up. Simply by sharing love for the product and the experience. Easy!

We were nearing the end of the school year and I felt a tugging in my heart that The Lord may be calling me to teach, outside of the classroom.


Our team training numbers just kept rising at every event! I was experiencing a different kind of fulfillment when I taught my team members. These were Mamas who felt what I felt. Some just wanted to get out of a “funk” and the idea of selling makeup + skincare gave them a reason to get “dolled up”again, while getting paid! Others needed freedom from the “checking anxiety” we know all too well, when we log onto our banking app. That burden has lifted every month since I signed up! One month we paid off a small dental bill, the next we were able to pay off my car, after that was my student loans and when the deadline came for me to either turn in my letter of resignation or continue teaching…my monthly commission passed my entire year’s teaching salary in one month! Talk about being affirmed! I have used every spare minute these last 9 months to learn and grow my business, while working a full-time job and balancing wife/mom life. Where did I get the energy?

“When your fire is ignited, work starts to energize rather than drain you.”

This “job” makes me dream big dreams!  The Lord is blessing this business and I can say that I lead 1,400+ ladies and fellas as their “Ruby Crown Princess” (company title)


I’m using SO MUCH of my classroom experience to encourage and teach my team! I. JUST. LOVE it! It’s been so fun watching my team leaders blossom and crush fears while helping other women feel beautiful in their skin again, maybe for the first time EVER!

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I’m so thankful for this opportunity and the chance I have to be MORE for my husband and my little ones. Work looks a little different these days and I love the freedom we now have to fill our lives with more of the good stuff! Making memories + experiences on OUR time table.


Brooklyn Bridge. NYC


Hershey’s Chocolate World,  P.A


Central Park, New York


Barnum & Bailey Circus

Full sene-story here

I’d love to chat more about the “LIPSENSE LIFE” if you’d like…shoot me an email or send me a message on Facebook or Instagram !

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