“Why are you throwing away a career & college education to sell lipstick?” : To every thing there is a season…

“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven.”

Ecclesiastes 3:1

Today is the day! My first “work from HOME day”. As many of you know, our family recently took a leap of faith and adjusted the sails of our family ship. After six years of teaching students, I changed directions  to a different style of teaching. A big decision like this is bound to bring feedback, some supportive, others were more like….

“Why would you give up a teaching career and a college education to sell LIPSTICK?” 

     This morning while packaging orders in my home office, a flood of parallels came to my mind when thinking about my former job compared to this one. I find it absolutely incredible that I’m using teaching skills in a multi level marketing career. Look at these skills and the way they translate to MLM careers.

Multi-Level Marketing

-Scheduled posts for all platforms using Cinchshare

-Projections & monthly distributor progress

-Quarterly Goal setting (personal & team)

-Team trainings (online & in person)

-Zoom calls (specific instruction for downlines to grow their business)

-Team training prep/gathering props/ copying & creating handouts/worksheets

-PIT stop/Leaders Conference/Seminar/local trainings/Corporate trainings

-Researching media/youtube/corporate updates for team training group

-Self Development and educating ourselves on team needs/personal sales

-Product Knowledge, ingredients & benefits (how they can be applied to customer’s needs)

-Editing/proofing videos & product photos for submission

-Encouraging/counseling/mentoring/setting a good example/role model for downlines

-Crowd control during out of stock

Formal Educator

-Teacher Lesson Plans

-Student Data & Progress Monitoring

-SLO’s  (Student Learning Objectives)

-Classroom activities & Daily Lessons

-1 0n 1 Student Intervention ( RTI Response to Intervention)

-Lesson prep time/gathering manipulatives/ handouts/worksheets

-Workshop classes for contact hours/Conferences (Continuing Education)

-Researching media/youtube videos/enrichment for classroom lessons

-Self Development and educating ourselves on student needs

-Understanding content standards (how they can be applied to lessons)

-Editing/writing/proofing Resident Educator videos/papers for submission

-Encouraging/counseling/mentoring/setting a good example/role model for students

-Crowd control during school dances                       


See?!…and the list goes on!! SO many parallels! Do you want to know something I’ve struggled with MAJORLY since leaving my teaching career? Are you ready for it?

It’s the idea that many people I know will look at my job and think “she just takes selfies and talks about lipstick”.

That’s like saying “Teachers just go on field trips & have summers off”. 

CLEARLLLYY that falls short of a true job description.

Are you a work-from home lady boss doing an unconventional job? Do people look at what you do and argue its not a REAL occupation? I’m talking to you etsy shop owners, self-made graphic designers, bloggers, the list goes on. We are living in a day and age where you don’t have to clock in at work every day to make a living. In fact, often the highest paid women are working unconventional careers, mainly online. If we are truly passionate about what we’re doing, wouldn’t you think our determination to be successful is within us, whether at a typical “work place” or at home? Realize that if you are dreaming of selling hand knitted scarves for the Hawaiian surfers that’s called a “pipe dream.” More than likely a conventional job is your thing. But what IF you truly see your skills showcased at a job you can’t define as “ideal”?  Take a look at ways to use those skills in a different fashion. Life by design is a thing! It sure takes a lot of juggling, long nights, lack of sleep, tears and headaches to get to that point. Keep that tunnel vision and your eyes on the end goal you want to achieve. For me, it was squashing our credit card debt, next it was paying off our car, then it was sending our kids to Christian school, after that it was having the freedom to be home with my youngest child and be more available for my family. All of these things have happened thanks to my new job.

Funny thing is, I will never classify my new line of work as a “job”. I kind of feel like the story of the wood carver who worked 12 hours a day carving weather vanes and decoys, painting and selling his creations to people all over the world, only to proudly display a sign in his shop that said :

“N e v e r    w o r k e d   &   N e v e r   w i l l”

Customers would ask him how he could say he had never worked when they watched him day after day working long hours. He held a secret, when you delight in what you do each day you truly CAN say you don’t work a “J-O-B”. What we do in my business is simple, not easy, SIMPLE. For me, it is a KINGDOM business. “And whatever you do, do it genuinely , as to the Lord, and not unto men”. When it comes down to it, I have to follow the Lord’s leading to the desires he’s placed in my heart.

Today after reading the words :

“To every thing there is a season, and a time for every purpose …”  

I  thought to myself, my job before this was certainly a season of my life that was for a purpose! I prayed, for the Lord to either take away the desire in my heart to work from home OR give me contentment to stay where I was. If the desire doesn’t go away for you…

why not go out on a limb? That’s where the fruit is.


xoxo, Lauren 


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P.S. A look into MY unconventional career HERE


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