Why I blog.

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I love writing letters. My most favorite letters of all begin a little something like this:

“Dear Lord, …”

I began writing letters to God in 2009. I liked the feeling of conversation and being able to flip back to past letters and see what has changed in my life and my walk. One particular week there was a common thread among those letters asking God to reveal to me what He was choosing to change in my life. I had an uneasy feeling, unlike anything I’ve really experienced before and I questioned if my husband and I were supposed to join a different church, should we move away? Do I need to be in a different profession? Should my husband be in a different field? I finally decided to talk all of this out with my husband and he didn’t really have an answer either. I committed that I would pray for a clear direction in what needed to change. The school year was just about to end and I was releaved to have this time off to focus on where we were moving. (I was absolutely certain that was what we were supposed to do.)

I had been on instagram for about a year and loved posting crafts I was working on, devotions that really spoke to me, cute outfits and of course our family photos. I started to get a comment every now and then that I should blog some of my craft and DIY projects, but I was so intimidated by the thought of becoming a “blogger”. I thought on this a little while longer, wrote letters about it and it wasn’t until an overwhelming peace came with the term “blog” that I decided: the CHANGE that I was looking for elsewhere was actually supposed to begin in me.

Now I realize my blog posts are not earth shadering, I am not among the most famous fashionistas and my story may not be as gripping as yours, but I DO know that what little I’ve been given to say, I want it to count for HIM! That’s why my first post I ever wrote was “Created to Be His Helpmeet” I wanted my first post to set the tone to what was of upmost importance to me. Through ash, beauty is emerging… all due to the one who gave His life for me. (but more about that later)

So here it is, my blog’s namesake. Lovely Living is based on this verse:

Philllipians 4:8 says “Whatsoever is true, noble, right, pure, admirable, L O V E L Y, think on these things.” The Lord delights in my enjoyment of these things. If I think (and act) on these, His light will shine brighter in me day by day. In every life there is a bit of lovely, choosing to see it is up to you. Daily, Daily praying that the “lovely” I find in my life might be an encouragement and inspiration. My life has not come free of difficulty and its by His grace I’m even able to speak His name with this fondness.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you find some lovely in today!


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